Posted on Sunday, April 5, 2015
Activities with a Bedbound Patient

As health declines, the ability to get out of bed and complete normal everyday activities diminishes as well. It is very important to keep loved ones engaged and active. Boredom is no good for morale! The following list may give you some new ideas to help a bedbound patient engage in fun activities.

Listen to Audio Books

Opportunities abound to find great books read by wonderful voices. You can get books on CD from the local library, or download an app (like Audible or Overdrive) to a smartphone or tablet. Reading aloud to your client can be a wonderful way to spend time together too!

Play Board Games

There are many games that can be played from a sitting position with two people. Just a few suggestions are Bananagrams®, cards, mancala, Phase 10®, and Skipbo®.

Invest in an Ipad®/tablet

These marvelous technological devices can provide almost endless possibilities for entertainment, including games, and movies, Skype® or other video chat, storing photos, and emailing friends.

Solve Puzzles

Sudoku, crossword puzzles, and jigsaw puzzles are all great forms of mental activity and engagement, and they can be worked on together or individually while you’re working in another part of the house.

Skype® with Loved Ones

We briefly mentioned this before when talking about tablets, and we are excited about this huge benefit of modern technology. Though loved ones are far away, your client can still see their faces and hear their voices as they visit through a computer or tablet.

Paint Her Nails

This is a great way to bond with your female client and pamper her as well! Find out her favorite color and give an ordinary day a little pizazz!

Listen to Music

Through sites like YouTube®, Spotify®, and Grooveshark® or their own CDs etc. you can entertain your client for hours by listening to songs new and old. For some fun, listen to music from their younger days. Who knows, it may spark some great conversations about their memories attached to the songs.

Look through Cookbooks

Especially if you help with the meal prep and grocery shopping, looking together for new recipes to try can be a great way to spend time.

Watch Netflix®

A subscription to Netflix Instant Streaming® allows clients to watch movies or TV series, including some from when they were young.

Enjoy Photo Albums

Looking through photo albums together would be a wonderful conversation starter as you get to know your client and see the people and life events that matter to them.

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