Posted on Tuesday, February 14, 2012
5 Quick Tips for Creating a Caregiver Resume

1. Focus on the Client
Keep the focus on how you can help your future employer not on what you desire from a position. You want future employers to notice how you can help them. 

2. Showcase Your Caregiver Skills
Some of your past experience may be outside of the caregiver role, but you should focus on the skills from that experience that will help you in your role as a caregiver. For example, focus on your customer service and organization skills that you gained at a job not your money handling skills.

3. Be Specific
When listing your skills be as specific as possible. Instead of just saying “experience with transferring patients,” say “transitioned patient from bed to wheelchair using a Hoyt Lift system.” By including specific eldercare related skills you are showing your expertise in your field.

4. Proofread and Then Proofread Again
Nothing can be more off putting to potential employers than a resume filled with errors. Proofread it many times before sending it out. Your best bet is to distribute it to your friends and family for them to proofread. Find a friend who is particularly detail-oriented and have them check for errors. Sometimes fresh eyes will see mistakes that you might have missed.

5. Plan Ahead for Your Next Position
As your current position is drawing to a close, plan ahead for your job search. Ask your employer if they will be a reference for future positions or if they will write a letter of recommendation.

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