Keep the Caregiver You Want and Get the Protection You Deserve

We have found that many families are interested in hiring a caregiver directly but don’t want to miss out on protections and benefits that are available through CareFamily. If you already have a caregiver who you are interested in hiring, this is the perfect option for you. You can simply bypass the searching, interviewing, and hiring process – which can often be overwhelming – and quickly start using our care management platform.

See below for all the benefits you receive by managing care through CareFamily. Then simply fill out the form to the right to get started.

CareFamily’s Protection Package Plus+
Background Screenings, Bonding, Liability Insurance, And Complete Tax Management

Why are background screenings important?

To hire with peace of mind, families should review the background check prior to making a hiring decision. The screening is performed by a respected third party national provider who is responsible for the results provided. These multiple background screenings include social security verification, nationwide sex-offender registry checks, and a criminal records check

Why are bonding and liability insurance important?

In the unlikely event of theft, CareFamily allows families to be protected by $25,000 bond protection insurance per family. We have also arranged for caregivers to have $1,000,000 in aggregate liability insurance coverage (general and professional combined) for your protection.

Why is complete tax management important?

You are considered a household employer if you’ve hired someone to work in or around your home and you control both what work is done and how the work is done. CareFamily connects you with caregivers you hire directly. This means you have the responsibility of filing tax returns and making payments for state unemployment, social security and Medicare, and federal unemployment taxes. In some states, other taxes may apply.

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