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I took care of my grandfather, he was a diabetic and a disabled veteran. He had a prosthetic leg due to a blood clot, i learned how to clean his leg, and dress it, I would clean it with anti-bacterial soap, then put medication on it and bandage it up, i learned how to take his sugar, blood pressure and give him his insulin shots, my grandmother has been a registered nurse for over 30 years so she taught me most of what i know, along with learning the necessities from his doctors. I helped bath him, take him to doctors appointments, cook for him since he was a diabetic and a big man we had to diet him carefully so his sugar wouldn't increase to high or decrease to low, I cleaned his bed sores, and his sleeves to his prosthetic leg, so he wouldn't get infections, that could be deadly to diabetics, I reminded him to take his medicine twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening, and wrote down what he took, what time he took it, on the date he took it, would keep him company, talking or watching football games with him, with my grandfather I've experienced him falling and having to help him get up, or call an ambulance before, he's what gave me a passion for taking care of people along with my grandma working in caregiving as an registered nurse, I've went with her to plenty of jobs, she just had a client pass away her name was pastor Louise, she had alzymerz and she was the most precious little thing, i loved coming to visit her, when i came through the door her face would light up like a Christmas tree, she just loved visitors, and of course with her having alzymerz we always talked about new and different things, my dad, and two of my uncles have huntingtons disease, so i've also dealt with that, but i enjoy helping people, i have a special place in my heart for caregiving, people deserve the best care possible, so even if i can make them smile once out of every day then i couldn't ask for more, and the best part about being a caregiver is making your client smile, it melts warms my heart, my grandmother has had a passion for caregiving for 30 some years and I've just fell in love with it same as her.


Employer Position Location From To
Debbie Moore Caregiver Her home 2/1/10 5/1/13


School Name From To Degree
Clay-Battelle high school 2000 2013 High School

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I took child care and development at M-tech, I went on internships at elementary schools, in the the pre-k and worked with kids, I have a passion for children. I've taken care of my two little cousins on and off since they were born due to there mom having a drug problem, I also go with my grandmother occasionally, she does home health IV therapy as i've mentioned she is also a registered nurse so I've went with her to the nursing home when she worked there as well, i enjoy playing games with the clients and keeping them company especially those who don't have family. I love nothing more than to make people smile, what ever i can do to make someone smile is my main goal. I just fell in love with being a caregiver, i also do baby sitting on the side from time to time, I work with all ages from infants too 15 years old and then of course elders as well.