$17/hr hourly rate $100/day live-in rate FULL-time availability


My name is Atem. I graduated from the University of Vermont in 2009 with a social work degree. I am a NESEI/AfricELI Co. founder. I am originally from Dinka Tribe in Jongeli State, South Sudan. I have a variety of professional experience in an administrative capacity. I have worked as a resident adviser for the department of student life at the University of Vermont. I am sure you are aware of the intensity, focus and diplomacy such positions require. I want to bring the perseverance, knowledge and insight gained through this experience to you. In addition, I have sharpened my organizational skills, attention to detail and my ability to work with speed and accuracy with NESEI(Africa Eli}. In my past position in NESEI, I have gained experience in research, writing reports, and designing high impact Power Point presentations and budgeting. Combine all of this experience with my natural talents (people-friendly, analytical problem solving, logistical planning, and research) and with my work ethic, you will have a well-rounded candidate you will be proud to have. I have much to offer in the way of diversity of experience and profession in that I have worked as a resident assistant (RA) for four years, working with students of various backgrounds. Within the department of residential life and with NESEI, I have had the opportunity to learn human resource policies, procedures and the protocol necessary to enforce them ethically and without liability. On the other, I don’t call my 9 years living in Kakuma refugees, as a working experience skill with disadvantage population, but it is what I lived through. I am well informed about refugees life experiences. I want to give back the skills I gained for many years to serving disadvantage populations. Finally, in all the previous positions I have held, I have approached them as opportunities for career advancement and discovery. I will bring the same entrepreneurial spirit and value added vision to you. It is my sincere hope that we will talk to discuss any questions you may have. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Employer Position Location From To
machines operator Preci , in Winooski VT 6/1/09 Present


School Name From To Degree
unversity of vt 2005 2009 Bachelor�s Degree
uvm 2005 2009 Bachelor’s Degree
uvm 2005 2009 Bachelor�s Degree

Related Interests & Hobbies

My hobby is reading. I read story books, magazines, newspapers and any kind of material that I find interesting. This hobby got started when I was a little boy in a refugee camp in Kenya. Reading enables me to learn about so many things that I would otherwise not know. This hobby helped me to understand the world more than just geographical locations, but their cultures. I learned about the wonders of the world, space travel, human achievements, and other fascinating things of our world. The wonderful thing about reading is that I do not have to learn things the hard way. Books provide the reader with so much information and facts. They have certainly helped me in my daily life. I am better equipped to cope with living, otherwise I would go about ignorantly learning things the hard way, so I continue to read. Besides being more informed about the world, I also spend my time profitably. It is indeed a good hobby.