$10/hr hourly rate $100/day live-in rate PART-time availability


* A true worker and leader who is calm under pressure and adept at problem solving. * Committed team player with finely tuned interpersonal and communication skills. I have an excellent driving record (never a violation or accident) and have proof of full automobile insurance. I have over 10 years experience in the healthcare industry covering every phase of healthcare, including all equipment. Examples of the last two positions. A couple (male 96 and female 92) having extreme mobile situations. Female very serious and male heart attack and bed ridden for some time. Help needed with slight dementia, bathing, house keeping, meals, medication needs, potty, doctor visits, grocery shopping, helping to wheel chair, and many others. Prior to that an Aeronautical Engineer that had needs as above and almost completely immobile and needed a Hoyer Lift in most cases, as well as slight Parkinson's Disease. This person was 6'3" and 235 pounds. Most importantly I became a companion and friend. I have dealt with cancer patients and nearly every situation imaginable. I have also I also have medical training in the U. S. Navy. Additional Work Experience: I have a full work background and will be happy to provide a complete resume when needed. Excellent background check and business history. I feel I would be an asset to any work environment with my ability to adapt quickly, superior communication skills, a team player, experience in working with others, a highly regarded work ethic, always calm under pressure and place clients individual needs above all else.


Employer Position Location From To
See previous All Duties one hospice and the other both clients. 4/1/13 9/1/14
See my previous. All duties required. Hospice and couple all duties. 4/1/14 3/1/15
Pass Pass Pass 1/1/15 1/1/15
See resume in about myself please see prior 1/1/12 3/1/13


School Name From To Degree
Ohio State University 1966 1971 Bachelor’s Degree