$10/hr hourly rate $100/day live-in rate PART-time availability


I am 19 years old and very determined to find a job. Obtaining this positon will really start my life off right and help me to save for college. I am known for getting assignments and tasks done fast, but i can also work for long period of times. I have a little experience with caring when my grandma was in the hospital for about two months. Honestly, I enjoy helping people out as much as I can, I think I get it from my mom. I have a high availability and dependability. If you are looking for a consistant worker who gets the job done, here I am.


Employer Position Location From To
McDonalds Grill/Food Prep 2315 Tyrone Blvd 10/1/10 10/10/12
Fan Fotos Fan photographer Troicana Drive 1 6/1/12 10/10/12
McDonalds Grill/Food Prep 2315 Tyrone Blvd 10/1/10 10/10/12


School Name From To Degree
Lakewood High School 2007 2011 High School

Related Interests & Hobbies

I love to watch and play sports, mostly football. I enjoy anything that deals with dance. I also love to dance myself. If I could meet anyone in the world it would be the Les Twins (dancers), Peyton Manning (football player), and Adrian Peterson (football player). I have a dream of performing in front of thousands of people with my dance group.