$10/hr hourly rate $100/day live-in rate FULL-time availability


I have always enjoyed helping others and being there for them. I have grown up around elderly patients in nursing homes when my mother would take us to work with her. I helped care for the elderly with Alzheimer and dementia diagnosis. During the end of my senior year (I graduated in May 0f 2011), My family and I received word that my mothers Mom, my grandmother, had stage IV of Lung Cancer. It had spread everywhere, to her spine, throughout her blood, and the doctor said she had only a few months to live. So my mother and I moved from Yorktown, VA to Muskogee, OK to be there for her, and to care for her since she was deteriorating quickly. Before school started in the mornings I would get up make my grandmother something extremely light that she could eat to go along with the medicine she had to take three times a day. I would then take the food and the medicine up to her and set it on her bed and wake her up and talk to her while she ate, and also to make sure she took all her medicine. If she had to go to the bathroom I would help her to the restroom and do whatever she needed. Then I would resume to help her back to bed and talk to her before I had to leave for school or unless she fell asleep. When I got home from Track practice I would immediately go upstairs to see how she was doing and talk to her about the day or if she needed anything like soup or a light snack. I would do whatever she wanted me to do. Some of the things I would do was housekeeping, laundry, grocery shopping, and ect since mom had to work. Later on that night I would have dinner on, most likely two different meals since Grandmother could not stomach anything real heavy and Mom and I were always hungry. I would take Grandmother up her food or help her down to eat by the time mom came home so we could all be together for dinner. After dinner, Id clean up the kitchen, take care of grandmothers dogs and then go upstairs to see how grandmother was doing since mom would help her back to bed. Usually Mom and I would switch on and off with the bath or shower/ whichever one Grandmother would prefer to have and that would just be helping her to the bathroom and helping to wash her hair, then helping her out of the bath. After that was complete, Mom and I would sit in her room with her and talk to her or watch whatever she wanted to watch on the tv. She meant everything to me and I always wanted her to know I cared for her and I was doing everything that I could possibly do for her. She died one month after I graduated from highschool and im comforted by the fact that she had my Mom and I there to help her. Taking care of my Grandmother has taught me that I enjoyed being there for her when she needed me most and that I want to do that for others. I will begin RN school this coming school at UALR to help me with this career choice.


Employer Position Location From To
Private caregiver Muskoge, ok 2/1/11 3/22/13


School Name From To Degree
Muskogee High 2011 2011 High School

Related Interests & Hobbies

I enjoy reading, writing and drawing. I also enjoy running, playing soccer, games, or even hiking or camping. Activities with family and friends are always enjoyable.