$10/hr hourly rate $100/day live-in rate PART-time availability


I am 34 yrs of age. I have lived in Emporia, KS my whole life. I am looking for a new start. I am a fast learner and I am not afraid to ask questions or having a job explained so I can do it right. I enjoy being around all ages and have been since I was old enough to help take care of others. When I was younger I had a friend that lived up the street that had a brother that was handicapped and I was able to learn a little sign language and how to manage the disability he had and how to handle the different behaviors correctly. As I got older I was real sure I wanted to work with the mentally challenged, and really wanted to be an interpreter for the deaf or if courts needed an interpreter. I also shadowed a girl from another school a few miles from my town that was deaf and mute so I could see how her day went compared to a student that wasn't deaf and mute. Then in high school my senior year I worked in a day care for credits and learned how to handle the behaviors of that age group. About 5 yrs after being graduated I got a job that was out of Hartford, KS, but had clients that lived in my town that were mentally challenged. I had a married couple who were there 5 days a week for 4 hours and then Saturday and Sunday there was staff for 2 hours and on call. They didn't have to have staff 24/7 like other clients I had. There were also 3 houses I worked at that had 3 to 6 clients and did need staff 24/7. I have also worked at RCIL (Resource Center For Independent Living) and took care of a middle aged male and cleaned his home,cooked,went shopping,and reminded him to take his meds. The male was paralyzed on his left side so it was hard for him to do some things. I have always enjoyed being around others and being able to help others out and seeing them smile and have a good time and not worry about how anything will get done. now its they can have help doing it and know it will get done with a little help from some one that understands there situation for a change and isn't getting made fun of or telling them they can't do it. I can have the worst day and go to help a person with any kind of disability and just seeing or walking into the same room with them and my day is no longer gloomy. It's bright and I am all better--not thinking about the bad day I had, it's like it was never bad.


Employer Position Location From To
RCIL(Resource Center For Independent Living) DCS( Direct Care Staff) Emporia, KS 3/1/08 10/19/12
Hippies & Harleys Bartender Emporia, KS 11/1/07 10/19/12


School Name From To Degree
Emporia High School 1992 1996 High School