$13/hr hourly rate $0/day live-in rate FULL-time availability


When my mother became ill in 1988 I was only 24 years old. The woman who was always so independent, was now struggling to do anything on her own. So in a sense, I started with my mother. We did anything from crocheting, watching tv, to taking a car ride. I helped her clean, cook and any other task needed. From the time she passed in 1993, I have been helping others who for whatever reason just cannot do it anymore, and I understand the importance of independence for those who are no longer able to do for themselves. I get great enjoyment from helping others.


Employer Position Location From To
Renea Suttle Housekeeper/companion Williamsburg 8/31/03 2/28/14
Dottie Nelson Caregiver/companion/housekeeper Yorktown 1/31/12 6/30/12