$10/hr hourly rate $100/day live-in rate FULL-time availability


I am currently a Certified Nursing Assistant as well as a Certified Med tech, I acquired this certificate while employed at Still Hopes Retirement Community for 1 1/2 years. I worked with the assisted living residents as well as the Dementia and Hospice and Alzheimer's clients. I have been a CNA for 6-7 years now and I enjoy every bit of what I do. I think of how I would want my Mother or Father or Grandparents treated in that situation so I try to care for the client to the best of my ability. I think at times this can be a stressful job, but if you love what you do and you're not in it for the paycheck then you will know how to handle stressful situations. Me myself, I have four children that I take care of on a daily basis so if it's one thing I have it's patience, and in this field you have to have a lot of patience.


Employer Position Location From To
Stillhopes Retirement Community CNA/Medtech 1 Stillhopes Dr. West Cola, SC 29169 10/31/12 12/31/13