$10/hr hourly rate $100/day live-in rate FULL-time availability


I work for Mercy hospital as a housekeeper now, I use to do private home care for elderly people. I took care of this one guy for 5 years. He had Parkinson's and Dementia. He also had a feeding tube and from time to time he would get an infection due to the catheter he had, I also had to hook up his antibiotic IV. I had to give him his medication every day. I would was him up, I would get him out of his bed and set him in his favorite chair, I would also change his depends. I would do the house cleaning and I would wash his bedding and clothes. I would go to the store to pick up the things that were needed for him as he lived with his sister who was unable to drive, and she was older too, that is why she could not care for him. He passed away two years ago. I also took care of an elderly lady, her daughter had contacted me after her mom fell and broke her hip. I did over nights. From mid night to eight am I was there. I did light cleaning and cooking for her. She needed help getting out of her bed to her bathroom by herself and her daughter wanted someone there at night with her so that she would not fall again. She went into a nursing home after her kidneys stopped working. She was to weak to move at all by herself. I also helped my grandma after she had knee surgery last summer.