$10/hr hourly rate $100/day live-in rate FULL-time availability


Born the ninth out of ten children, I was raised with eight sisters and one brother. Our family lives in a modest home situated in the middle of hay, corn, and wheat fields. We have a little farm yard including cats, dogs, horses, and the occasional beef cow. Having come from such a humble background, I learned how to work hard from a very young age. Most of my fondest memories include activities with my family. I remember how my older sisters would turn our chores into a game. Each of us would pick a character to be. Sometimes it was a character from a movie, or other times we would just make one up. Then we had to talk and do our chores in the same way the character we picked would. All of the sudden, something that was a hassle turned into a big game and a time to make fond memories. My home was also a place where creativity and imagination could blossom. When all ten of the kids where at home, finances where a little tight. We had plenty for the things we needed, but not everything we wanted. If we wanted to watch something, we watched a movie because we didn't have TV. Usually, my sisters and I would just spend hours and hours riding our bikes around the back roads in the fields, pretending that we were on some grand adventure. Or, we would play dress-up and make our own plays to perform for the rest of the family. We also spent hours drawing, painting, and making some little craft at the kitchen table. If we didn't have exactly the thing that we needed, we learned to improvise. These skills have continued to benefit me as I have left home and entered school and the work place. When I make a commitment, I work hard to follow through. If ever I am faced with a task that is hard or tedious, I look for creative ways to accomplish it and make it more enjoyable. I welcome a challenge and am not afraid to try new things.


Employer Position Location From To
Beehive Home CNA Salem, Utah 8/1/11 7/27/12
Brigham Young University-Idaho Volleyball Referee Rexburg, Idaho 5/1/12 7/27/12
Macey's Grocery Store Cashier/ Courtesy Clerk Spanish Fork, Utah 6/1/10 7/27/12
The Victorian House Night Aide/ Janitorial Levan, Utah 2/1/08 7/27/12


School Name From To Degree
Brigham Young University-Idaho 2011 2012 Associate’s Degree

Related Interests & Hobbies

I love to be physically active. I enjoy playing most sports, especially volleyball, softball, basketball, and the occasional friendly game of football. I also love being outdoors and going hiking, fishing, and camping. I like animals, and enjoy riding horses. I took piano lessons for eight years. I also play the harp and have been taking lessons now for about a year and a half. I like to read books and I also do some drawing. I also love just spending time with my family and friends. I am a quick learner. I enjoy working with people. I have worked in two assisted living facilities and enjoy working with the elderly. I also worked at Macey's Grocery Store and I am use to dealing with all kinds of people. I have also taught weekly classes for children between the ages of six and seven and volunteered to manage children's booths for Levan Town celebrations. I feel comfortable working with people of all ages.

Other Information

My assigned track at BYU-Idaho is Winter/Spring. I am currently off-track, but I will be returning to school in January. I am looking for full-time work to earn money to further my education.