$15/hr hourly rate $100/day live-in rate FULL-time availability


Well Hello there, Im Linda and I have a great big heart for all people and I love to be there for the Elderly..Ever since I was a child I was drawn to the elderly.Im the baby of five in my family and I was always home alone growing up.I am content to be able to share my sunshine smile and my presents with those who wish for me to be in their lives.I do care sinercly and am a Christian women who belives in walking the talk in my life. Im a mother of five and I have 15 grandbabies who mostly live in Chicago where Im from.Ive been here in Texas since 1999 with my husband of 15 yrs and my youngest son whos a father of two children.Im very relyable and very happy in general.I love to love people and interact with them and make life a lot better in so many way.I currently am a school bus driver and work 36 hours.But its not making me happy,so Im considering on going back to my passionite jobs.Thats where Im at now ,Ive caregived for over 4yrs and I currently still visit my one special ( Mom) who is 86 yrs of age and is my good friend. I had my days filled up from caregivin,but when I had some family issue and deaths in Our familys I lost most of my clients.So I started driving school buses.Now its going on 5yrs and Im ready to start back by helpping others.thank you for reading ..Linda..


School Name From To Degree
I attended Kelvin Park HS 1976 1976 High School

Related Interests & Hobbies

Well I dont have to many..I love dogs and grooming them ..I love playing with my three grandkids which are 6.5.4 ..I love visiting clients when I have spare time.and the rest of my time I watch movies.workout with my Husband and do walks and go to health club and swim.

Other Information

Im alone at night with my four year old soon to be 5.and I watch him while his dad works night with my husband.so having said that my hours would have to be flexable to do that as well.I only have my youngest son here in Texas so thats all my family I have here other than my Husband so thats my main priority.I would like to discose this deeper if the hours change to much I would have to decine some clients .And if theres anyway to work around that Im yours endeavently.