$10/hr hourly rate $100/day live-in rate FULL-time availability


Hello, I would first like to say thank you for allowing a person such as myself the freedom to work in our "gifts" to the best of our ability without compromising who we are and our values; which is the first thing I would have you to know about me. I have been in the health care field for over twelve years, my interest came at a young age as I would be in the eighth grade when my learning began in middle school in Grand Ledge, Michigan. It was there that I began studying "Health Careers", and did further learn phlebotomy and engaged in hands on assisted care while visiting on sight at Ingrham Hospital to tour while taking observations in how to care for my elders. I went on to continue in the area of health care while in high school where I trained at Sentinnel Vocational Center and worked through this program hands on at Mercy Hospital. From there I remained in health care in my adult life which gives me experience as a Home Health Care Provider, as well as experience in Hospice & Oncology, Assisted living and Nursing Home care. I am proficient in all basic patient care bathing, oral hygiene, feeding, mobility, vitals, blood sugar, grooming hair and nail care, massage therapy, as well dressing, placement & removal of catheters/care and incontinence. Throughout my health care experience I have had an "open door" which is to say as I stated in the aforementioned "gift"; I have always had a unique specialness that has allowed me to be well received among my elders as well as others, who otherwise would be unwilling to receive care. In that I have a profound understanding in what it truly means to serve with reverence that we all are in need of help; which in many cases has been imperative and essential to the longevity of life! I have never perceived caring for others as merely a job and for this very reason, as a Health Care Technician, I provide humility, compassion, companionship, devotion, trust, sincerity, honor, respect, admiration, and charity that will allow me to perform through giving the very best care that I am.


Employer Position Location From To
Walmart Floral Manager/Produce/CSR 8180 S. Tryon Charlotte NC 10/1/03 10/19/12
Spartan Regional Medical CNA/PCT 101 E. Wood Street Spartanburg SC. 9/1/01 10/19/12


School Name From To Degree
Fostoria High 1990 1991 High School

Related Interests & Hobbies

I have interest in reading the Bible, caring for others & helping those in need more than anything else. My children and I have served the hungry out of our own resources, which is beyond joy for me. I enjoy fishing, spending time with my children, bowling, and I enjoy skating when I can. I also like to write which is to say producing towards my visions in books, music, plays, & movies. I don't consider it habit, though it is a very major part of my life daily. I pray and I too am a prayer warrior, Amen! I'm not a person who does a lot. I'm very settled. I simply enjoy quality time that is "fruitful".

Other Information

I have extensive background experience in Health Care as a patient care technician including "blood sugar stick." I have worked in home with patients who were released from Hospice care and requested me based on the care I extended during their hospitalization. Larry Brown being one of the few. During these years my patients went on to be in their heavenly homes and over time I have lost contact with their family members. I took a much needed break from this career. The first reason being I wasn't able to separate that the process of life is also death unto life again; so the attachments I had with my patients were inseparable, as it became a negative toll and strain on me. Having always been told by families I was so well appreciated, and I believe in my heart also loved by my patients, it got to a point in my career when I would be called upon by them and their family members just to be present in watching them take their last breathes in this world. As I stated in the aforementioned it became extremely pressing upon me. I was in a stage when instead of myself consoling the family, quite the opposite was taking place, and I instead was being consoled! I'm tickled in spirit each time I think back to that time. Nevertheless I am older, greatly matured, and certainly much more wiser in wisdom! I have taken a long season of separation from my truest desire and passion in life and it is in this season that I know I must return!