$10/hr hourly rate $100/day live-in rate PART-time availability


I am a completely dedicated Certified Nursing Assistant. I have excellent charting and patient-care skills. These skills were gained with more than five years of experience while working as a Certified Nursing Assistant. I am a compassionate individual with adequate technical skills to attend patients in various healthcare settings. Since becoming a C.N.A., I have cared for seniors with the following conditions or needs: Stroke, Hip Replacement, Alzheimer's disease, Cancer, Catheter, Diabetes, Feeding Tube, Hospice, and Parkinson’s disease. I enjoy providing assistance/care to seniors and would like to continue to develop my care-giving skills by providing one-on-one care as a Certified Nursing assistant.


Employer Position Location From To
Senior Helpers Chestnut Hill Certified Nursing Aide Caregiver 7600 Stenton 11/1/14 Present
Integrated Health Services Certified Nursing Assistant 8833 Stenton Avenue 1/1/03 6/1/06
Northwestren Human Services Residential Aide/Certified Nursing Assistant 27 E. Mt Airy Avenue 12/1/06 12/1/10
ESQ James McGarrity/Dr. Rogers Certified Nursing Assistant . 42 South 15th St 3/1/13 Present
Ashton Hall Nursing Home Certified Nursing Assistant 2109 Red Lion Road 7/1/96 10/1/00
River Edge Nursing Home Certified Nursing Assistant 9501 State Road 9/1/91 9/1/96


School Name From To Degree
Cardinal Dougherty High school 1970 1974 High School

Related Interests & Hobbies

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