$10/hr hourly rate $100/day live-in rate PART-time availability


I am a college graduate and a mature adult who has spent numerous hours with my own family members in hospital settings and that began my interest in healthcare. I saw the complex workings of these facilities and observed when things ran smoothly and when there was need for improvement. I also had a finacee who suffered a brain injury for which he was in a coma for 8 months. I was at his bedside daily the entire time and was taught by the physical therapists how to perform his daily range of motion exercises so that hopefully, he could at least have some normalcy physically when and if he should awaken from his coma. I found I had tremendous compassion and patience to not only help him, but all the comatose patients in the ward, as I went from patient to patient talking to and trying to comfort them as well. Earlier this year, I was a paid companion and helper to a 90 year old citizen in Batavia, IL who lived independently. I only halted this work for a time to go back to school and graduated as a nurses assistant with a 4.0 (Dean's list). I am now a certified nurses assistant (CNA). I am very outgoing and genuinely friendly, and am a proud past recipient of a Rotarian International Graduate Fellowship Scholarship for which I was an Ambassador of Goodwill for the USA. I feel the calling to help others and especially am drawn to helping the elderly.


Employer Position Location From To
Fioras Restaurant Server Geneva, Il 5/1/12 Present
Niche Restaurant Server Geneva, IL 8/1/06 11/16/12
Suzanne Hersee Helper/Companion Batavia, Illinois 3/1/12 11/16/12


School Name From To Degree
Elgin Community College 2012 2012 Attended College
Eastern Illinois University 1970 1974 Bachelor’s Degree
Juilliard School of Music 1980 1984 Attended College
University of Toronto 1976 1980 Attended College

Related Interests & Hobbies

Gardening is a hobby and I take an interest in animals and birds, meaning caring for, grooming, and in the case of the birds; feeding and identifying. Antique shopping, and interior design are interests as well. Lectures from arborists, authors, and poetry writing and publishing garner my attention. Architecture of all kinds interests me as well. Walks through forest preserves is a love of mine.

Other Information

I may or may not have more work availability as, at present, I am on schedule to work as a server at Fioras Restaurant in Geneva, IL. on Friday and Saturday nights, where the wage I earn supplements my income. Servers, most generally, are required to work weekends. This can and may change should I find viable and rewarding work elsewhere that matches the income I make at the restaurant.