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I'm a "people person" and i've always gotten a great sense of fulfillment from helping others. When a person accepts my help I always thank them for doing so as i explain how their ability to "receive" has (it's the classic win-win scenario..) made ME feel good. I do this for two reasons: 1) It's the truth. 2)-and more importantly- It allows the receiver of the help to more easily maintain a good sense of dignity during the process. It's one thing to help someone, but it's quite another (and it's kind of a gift--in my humble opinion) if you can help while the other party barely notices they were aided--much less them feeling like some "burden." When i was 10 years old my mother was diagnosed with (unfortunately it was severe and very progressive) Multiple Sclerosis (my dad was out of the picture via divorce..etc..) and it made me grow up FAST! I was (a Caregiver at rather early age) suddenly the "man of the house" for my Mom and younger sister and i maintained (3 active years in the Navy not withstanding..) that role until my mother passed (i was 26 years old) away due to pneumonia (that Multiple Sclerosis further complicated). During those years I gladly helped (she was wheelchair bound much of the time) my mother with trips to the restroom and handling finances and garnering the type of love and friendship that can (sometimes anyway) make a less fortunate person forget about their problems or shortcomings. Looking back, I'm thankful in many ways for the experience as it truly prepared me for adulthood while teaching me the true power of sincere compassion. Nowadays my sister has Multiple Sclerosis (i'm an MS magnet!) and I've done a few caregiving stints to help with her and her needs. My Dad is now up in years (as is my Mother & Father-in-Law) and in recent times (the last 2 years in particular) I've needed (and wanted) to step in and do anything from leaf removal to cooking to helping with walking up stairwells. The elders in our world did many things through the years to pave the way for my generation and the next--------That said, i consider it a privelidge to "give back" and give help where i can. After all, they are the ones (as i ofcourse was an infant once) who cleaned my diapers and helped me at a time when I struggled to care for myself. It's the circle of life with things (in a way that's only fair in my eyes) coming full circle. I should also note (during my time in the U.S. Navy) that I was a crewmember of the USS IOWA (Battleship) when we had a major explosion (lost 47 men) on April 19, 1989. I received a Navy Achievement Medal for my contributions as we quickly (and unexpectedly) had to transfer 1,300 enlisted personnel and decommission the ship. There was a heavy brotherhood(crewmembers) at that time and I was helped by many people as I helped many people as we closed (and opened) a chapter in our lives. I am presently (and have been for over 20 years) a Loan officer and I'm (to be frank) looking for a change.


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First Merit Mortgage Mortgage Loan Officer Lyndhurst,OH 4/30/13 Present


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My main interests in life revolve around my wife Christie and our families and friends. It's an important core piece. That said, i'm also a "Sports Nut!" I'm a huge (and knowlegeable) fan of the Cleveland Browns ,Ohio State Buckeyes and pretty much anything that involves a ball...or a puck..or a score..etc.. I enjoy nature and the great outdoors and my wife and i often do walks and bike rides. My other huge interest is people and (human nature in general) interacting with them. Good, bad or otherwise--i'm a bit of a "talker" (although i know when to zip it..) and that's simply because i'm very interested in people and i like to hear about what they're thinking (conversations..) or how they feel about things. I love a good story and i'm very capable of delivering a few. I'm also an animal lover (grew up with them and have them now..) and animals have (as have people if you don't mind me saying so..) always taken to me. My wife jokingly calls me "The critter whisperer." To put it simply, i'm interested in making people smile. It then makes me smile (a great win-win) which then (in my opinion) makes the world an easier place to exist in.