$13/hr hourly rate $100/day live-in rate FULL-time availability


Born and Raised in Austin, my life changed completely right after college. I'll keep it simple -- I got sick. I never understood the importance of "helpers" until I needed assistance going to the restroom. I was humiliated --- UNTIL that calm and peaceful Helper talked to me in the nicest voice. "Its okay. I'm here for you," he kept saying over and over. My humiliation turned to appreciation. I was able to focus on getting well. Years later, I have since recovered. I went back to competitive martial arts and other sports. I rebuilt my health and wellness post-testicular cancer. But one thing never changed, my appreciation for the helpers. So for years, whether it's been to help care for my beloved dear dear Mom ( Full Dementia -- resident at Assisted Living Facility), or my visually impaired cousin, I know that using a cheerful yet calm tone of voice is a critical part of the relationship I try to build with them, and with others. Many people who need home health assistance may never "get well." So it's important to just be there for them.


Employer Position Location From To
Self Employed Certified Self Defense Instructor. Certified Personal Trainer Home and mobile 12/31/08 Present




Experience With

Dementia/Alzheimer's Disease

Cancer Recovery

Hospice Care

Skin Disorders


First Aid Training

Transferring/Balance Support

Visually Impaired