$13/hr hourly rate $100/day live-in rate FULL-time availability


I am capable of performing any and all duties that accompany the position that is needed. I live within the St. Vincent’s Mental Health (Supported) Residential Community. In addition, I have experience in Law Enforcement, Correction Enforcement (Mental Health), and NYC Transit System including 4 years in a supervisory position. I have also created the module for the Peer Specialist position at St. Vincent’s Residential Services. This position was newly created upon my hiring. I have also created a Wellness Weekly newsletter, in addition to a Creative Writing course run weekly which allows my peers to think out of the box during their daily activities. I am also enrolled in a Wellness Coach course presently given by Howie the Harp; this is a 14-week course. This and my Medical Assistant Training have given me the courage and the opportunity to handle each situation professionally and respectfully. Any consideration you might give will be appreciated. I have also worked with hospice within my community using the WRAP method. I'm a compassionate person who can identify with their medical issues since I have my own as well. Thank you.