$17/hr hourly rate $100/day live-in rate FULL-time availability


In May of 1992 my husband was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. I was his primary caregiver as his cancer rapidly spread. He passed away 9 months after being diagnosed. In 1995, less than 2 years after my husband passed, my mom lost her right leg below the knee as a result of peripheral artery disease. I was her caregiver from her first angioplasty through the amputation and continue to provide care as needed. She has had surgery for an abdominal aeortic aneurysm and will be undergoing a femoral bypass surgery on her left leg this week. I have been trained to provided open wound care from irrigating to packing and dressing. I have set up daily/weekly meds, bathed and groomed, prepared meals and provided transportation to doctor appointments (sitting in when asked to take notes as many patients are too nervous to retain what doctors are saying during the appointment). I have performed household chores and laundry. I have provided companionship, reinforcement and reassurance through observation and intuition. I have sat at the bedside of the dying and consoled and supported family/friends during these most difficult and faith shaking times of their lives. I have gone through the steps of those going through first denial, then anger and finally acceptance of life altering injury/illness. Throughout any injury/illness I have offered resources and coping tools. My ultimate goal in caring for others is to treat them with compassion and dignity while staying on top of all medical and emotional needs of the individual.