$13/hr hourly rate $14/day live-in rate PART-time availability


Working with seniors has been a passion since 1982, when I cared for my father who passed from pancreatic cancer. Other experience includes: 10 years caring for a mother with Alzheimers (1986-1996); advanced, end of life care with several close relatives (2000-2003); 4 1/2 years caring for an advanced dementia patient in Louisville, CO who passed at age 99 (2008-2012) and her daughter for 2 of those years who had multiple dystrophy and passed from a stroke; and recent 2015, I have work with 2 seniors in their 90s, both passed in August 2015. I obtained my CNA license in 2010 and other related qualifications - QMAP & CPR. I have been self employed for the majority of my professional life and have my own Colorado corporation (Shapan, Inc.) A retired sports producer and magazine publisher, I enjoy working part-time with various clients managing their web sites and other media. My health is superb and I am in excellent physical condition. Yoga, walking, and exercise are a part of almost every day. I am very competent, calm in stressful situations, have a wonderful, yet sensitive sense of humor that I am told lifts the spirit. Most of all, I possess a great deal of patience, which is so important when working with seniors and Dementia clients. Lastly, I am single with no obligations that would prevent me from traveling anywhere in the world and working longer time periods as needed. An experience world traveler, I am very organized having managed hundreds of national conferences and major sported television events in the U.S. and Europe until I sold my companies (The Hagen Network and The Hagen Group) and semi-retired in 2000. A couple of points of interest, I was member of the Black Hills U.S. Marshals' Posse, and I have accomplished the rigorous background check and in-person interview to obtain my U.S. Department of Homeland Security Global Entry Card.


Employer Position Location From To
Shapan, Inc. Owner & Present Longmont CO 2/1/01 Present
Hagen Marketing & Communications, Inc. (HMC) Owner & COO San Francisco, CA 1/1/88 1/1/01
Applied Decision Analysis (ADA Business Manager & Contracts Administrator Menlo Park, CA 4/1/78 8/1/81
Montgomery Securities Administrator of National Conferences - Public Relations Director San Francisco, CA 10/1/82 1/1/88
Commercial Art, Palm Beach, FL Photographer, Business Manager Palm Beach, Florida 1/1/74 3/1/77


School Name From To Degree
Florida Atlantic University 1974 1975 Attended College
Palm Beach Atlantic 1972 1974 Attended College
John Leonard High School 1969 1970 High School



Experience With

Dementia/Alzheimer's Disease

Cancer Recovery

Cardiovascular Disorders


Gastrointestinal Disorders

Hospice Care

Multiple Sclerosis

Neurological Disorders

Orthopedic Care

Parkinson's Disease

Post Surgery Recovery

Renal and Urological Disorders

Hoyer Lift

Skin Disorders