$10/hr hourly rate $100/day live-in rate PART-time availability


The first time I knew I was meant to do caregiving was back in 2007 when i happened to land a job at a nursing home as a recreation aide; playing games and creating the most fun and entertaining atmosphere for the active seniors that lived there. It was so extremely rewarding to see a smile on their faces over something small or petty I did. I guess it wasn't petty at all, actually. Ever since then I have worked with senior citizens in their homes. I have worked with terminal patients along with active seniors who just needed a little company. I love it so much. Knowing I could be one of the last people that brings a smile to their face or even listens to a story from many years ago just makes me feel like I was meant to be there at that exact moment. If given the opportunity I would continue in this line of work; because to me it isn't work at all.


Employer Position Location From To
Lincoln Park Nursing Home Recreation Aide Lincoln Park NJ 10/1/07 9/1/08
Of The Heart Senior Care Caregiver NJ 3/1/11 6/1/13


School Name From To Degree
Lincoln Tech 2007 2008 Attended College

Related Interests & Hobbies

Currently, my interests and hobbies consist of my daughter in every sense of the word. I have been home since i first found out i was pregnant in June of 2013 and have dedicated to learning everything I possibly can to be the best mother and life teacher to her as I can be. She is 15 months and walks and talks (a few complete sentences and about 23 words) and knows a little sign language. I am passionate about being dedicated, if that makes any sense. Whenever I want something I give it my 110%. When I am employed by an agency or family to care for a senior, I go into it like it's my own Father or Mother. I treat them with the love and dedication I would if they were my own blood. So, I guess my hobby and interests is using my heart to its full potential. Giving family (whether mine or a hired one) my full and complete heart and all.