$10/hr hourly rate $100/day live-in rate FULL-time availability


I am a hard working individual I take pride in my work which is nursing I am an easy going person as well I hate drama i rather be laid back and relaxed I love my job for the fact that it is something i want to do for the rest of my life i would love to open a nursing home as well one day


Employer Position Location From To
Maxim Health Care CNA Ftlauderdale, Florida 2/1/10 7/20/12
Health Source Rehab cooridnator Greensboro 2/1/11 7/20/12
Victoria villa Assisted living HHA/CNA Davie, Florida 9/1/09 7/20/12
lindley Habilitation tech HHA/CNA Greensboro 2/1/07 8/1/07
lindley Habilitation tech HHA/CNA Greensboro 2/1/07 8/1/07


School Name From To Degree
Everest Institute 2009 2009 Attended College

Related Interests & Hobbies

My interest is nature i love hiking and just discovering new things in the great out doors i believe that there is always something new to learn about out planet and if you want to count learning as another hobby then count me in on that as well i believe you can never get sick of learning new things

Other Information

I would like to add on here that i do have a Domestic violence charge on my record due to the fact of an incident that accrued with guy i would like for the person viewing my profile to understand that i am not a violent person the reason i have this charge is for the fact that my x boy friend attacked me and was beating on me and as i was defending myself i scratched him and in the state of North Carolina if you break skin you automatically get arrested the thing that i never understood was that he didn't get arrested after i had bruises on me but my charges where dropped the reason i put this out there is because it has been very difficult to get a job in the field i love i am trying to get it expunged but i don't not have the money for it right now and it is an expensive process but i just wanted to be honest and put that out there for those who care