$10/hr hourly rate $100/day live-in rate FULL-time availability


My passion is to help other whom cannot help themselves. I have 17 years of experience. I have experience as a CNA working in Nursing Homes, with clients who have disabilities of all ages. I put myself in the shoes of my clients and give them the best care that they need and help them in anyway that I can. I go far and beyond any measure to assist them and to make them happy and comfortable. I enjoy talking and being there for them. I have elderly parents and I would want them to be taken care of as well as myself when I reach their golden age. I am currently a student enrolled in South University Online. My major is Allied Health Science. I chose an online education so that I can be able to care for my clients, family and be able to work at the same time. It is more convenient for me and I can give my clients all of my attention and love they need. As far as being convicted of a crime, I was convicted of assault as I was attacked and defended myself by all means protecing my children and myself from an abusive boyfriend. I got out of that relationship and went to school, received my CNA certification, State Registered and has worked in Nursing Homes and finally decided to do Home Healthcare. I have three children, two whom are attending college, (Freshman and Junior). I am the proud Grandmother of three. I would love to be a part of your team and I will give 100% to your company and clients. I am hoping that you consider me for a position with your team and working with any family who need my assistance. I have references available upon request. Thank you and Have a Blessed Day. Ms. Ernesteen


Employer Position Location From To
McDonalds Crew Waycross 9/1/09 3/27/13
Chancellor Care Nursing Health Care Facility CNA Delmar, Delaware 12/1/99 3/27/13
Home Health Care Personal Care Provider Crisfield, Maryland 2/1/03 3/27/13
Wicomico Nursing Home CNA Salisbury, Md. 4/1/96 3/27/13


School Name From To Degree
CrisfieldHigh School 1979 1982 High School

Related Interests & Hobbies

My interest is to help anyone who need help regardless of age, race and religous beliefs. I am currently attending college to further my education in Allied Health Science so that I may have a better understanding of the in dept training in my field. My hobbies are traveling, bowling, social networking, spending time valuable and quality time with my Grandchildren,family and church members. I strive to make people happy and for success.

Other Information

There are some of my references that do not have email addresses for they are older clients and people and I could not add them to this application. However if you need a phone or address for them I will be happy to provide them.