$12/hr hourly rate $100/day live-in rate PART-time availability


I am a college student who has just moved to the area. I've worked taking care of people most my life. Personally, I have taken care of my parents, who are both type one diabetics, since I was a child. This includes checking blood sugar levels, feeding, changing, and general care. Professionally I have worked in physical therapy and as a caregiver for elderly patients. This includes all living tasks. I am available for any job whatsoever. From providing care to running errands I can do whatever needs to be done. I personally believe that the highest feeling of accomplishment comes from helping others accomplish something. Whether it be simple tasks that are no longer simple due to age or condition all the way up to completing daily activities and challenges. Since an early age I was prone to helping others. This turned into a career choice for me after going through my own life challenges which required me to attend physical therapy for 6 months. While in the gym I found not only my physical therapist but all people working in the facility were contributing to the overall health and pomposity of a community. I wanted to become a part of that. I worked as a Technician/Aide at Lodi Physical Therapy for roughly a year. During my time as an Aide I was responsible for taking patients through various workout routines and treating them with ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and temperature conditioning. During this time I picked up a caregiving job helping a family friend who was 92. He could no longer perform normal functions without assistance. I would stay from 8pm to 8am for three days a week. The care provided ranged from making special meals to dressing, bathing, and bathroom necessities. Though I enjoyed every minute of my employment and daily tasks at Lodi Physical Therapy, I ended up moving to Sacramento with my long term girlfriend who was offered a job by her company. I am now looking to contribute to a team of like minded individuals who provide care for all those in need.


Employer Position Location From To
Private Family Care giver Lodi 4/30/13 7/31/13
Lodi Physical Thera[y Aide/Technician Lodi CA 12/31/12 11/30/13


School Name From To Degree
Cosumnes River College 2013 2013 Attended College
San Joaquin Delta College 2010 2010 Attended College
Lodi High School 2005 2009 High School

Related Interests & Hobbies

Since I was about 5 years old I have been a musician. Music is a true joy in my life and I still regularly play blues guitar when I have the time. My other passion is martial arts. I was introduced to Tae Kwon Do at an early age and then ended up picking it up again in high school. From Tae Kwon Do I advanced to boxing and eventually kick boxing. This comprehension of the harder styles of martial arts led me to seek out more relaxing and more defensive arts. I took Thai Chi for about a year which led me to Yoga. I now practice Yoga, various martial arts, and the guitar as often as I can. When I'm able to get out of the house I enjoy going on camping and hiking trips. During the season I often go snowboarding with a couple of friends.