$11/hr hourly rate $100/day live-in rate PART-time availability


I'm female and have been a caregiver for 23yrs. I am married to a wonderful veteran (AirForce) man, mother of two and began care giving as a volunteer with my local church in NM. Upon moving and retiring to Va. I have been employed in two assisted living facilities and noticed that even in these high priced care-plexes (which shocked me when I learned how our seniors get gouged by the industry), people were often ignored and still lonely. One of the facilities was much better than the other but still out of reach financially for many families. The employees were overworked, under paid, and seemed indifferent to the reality that the elderly are special and service to them requires patience, kindness, and gentle action. I have an elderly mother being cared for by my brothers family and distance separates my ability to do so. This is one reason I am desirous of supporting other families in similar situations. I view the elderly as deserving respect, honor, and as viable to my community as per my faith upbringing.


Employer Position Location From To
Spring Arbor dining assitant Williamsburg 1/1/08 1/29/13