$10/hr hourly rate $100/day live-in rate PART-time availability


Coming from a very large Cajun family, we always take care of our own. Watching and caring for my own family go through hospice and dementia has encouraged me to help others through this process. I have done everything from sitting with my grandmother and playing cards even though she did not know who i was, to giving my grandfather feedings on his peg tube and everything in between. i have experience with cancer patients, colostomy bags, ensuring proper nutrition( most important), moving from bed to chair, changing adult diapers and all the rest. Our parents, grand- parents and the other beloved elderly in our life are so important. They have changed our diapers, kissed our bruises and hold the knowledge of a whole generation. I feel it is our duty as a society to give back to them as much as we can.


Employer Position Location From To
Grandmother in law caretaker savannah ga 9/1/10 3/1/14
grandmother caretaker lafayette la 1/1/03 3/1/14
Grandfather caretaker Lafayette la 1/1/03 4/1/14

Related Interests & Hobbies

I have two children and we are often in nature. I believe the earth holds all we need to live and i hope to have a career in holistic medicine one day. I love animals and we have a full house hold. I enjoy farming and animal husbandry.