$15/hr hourly rate $200/day live-in rate PART-time availability


Im outgoing, kind hearted and love helping others. I watched all my grandparents die from age and cancer and have helped support them throughout their dying moments. Having health problems can cause major irritability, so i remain calm and am very sympathetic towards what they are going through. I believe throughout my past experiences i am qualified even though i have never worked a job helping disabled people before. Took first aid training, however it was years ago. I live in assisted living because of ADHD. A small example of why i believe i'm qualified; the other week my neighbor left her stove on and i started to smell smoke. So i quickly ran into your room and turned it off while she was outside smoking a cigarette. The fire department come and if i was not as attentive as i am it could have gotten much worst. So i live with a lot of people who need assistance, and a present myself towards them with passion and kindness. Because everyone need's help, some more then others and i always do my best to do the right thing.


Employer Position Location From To
Lucky's Market Customer service/food prep 695 S Broadway, Boulder, CO 80301 8/1/16 3/1/17


School Name From To Degree
Fairview Highschool 2009 2013 High School



Experience With

Cancer Recovery


First Aid Training

Transferring/Balance Support

Visually Impaired

Hearing Impaired